Professional Etiquette, Protocol & Service Delivery (Professional Service Standards)


This workshop aims to give participants different perspectives of service when engaging with customers or clientele in their corporate environment. Knowledge on non-verbal communication specifically body language, is imparted to ensure effective communication is achieved and unwanted misunderstanding avoided.

Participants are guided in terms of business & social etiquette to enable them to display the highest level of professionalism. Basic knowledge on Malaysian protocol, ushering skills, etiquette on dining and table setting as well as basic service procedures are shared to support the former goal.

Participants will gain knowledge on how to project the desired corporate image, how to create a professional presence and the appropriate etiquette involved when dealing with clientele of varying social status. Participants will gain new insights on customer service and how being service-oriented can have a positive impact on both their personal and professional lives.


Class lectures, role plays, training videos, group discussions, interactive presentations, review & reflections.


Frontliner, Executives & Managers