Human Resource Management: The Risk Management Perspective


“The function of Human Resources (HR) Management in any organization is to continuously develop a close relationship with the business and align with Company’s values and modify the culture to better engage people to meet the organizational goals.”

 Employees are considered the company’s most valuable asset, and everyone deals with employees on any aspects of Human Resources related issues in the workplace.  It is important to make fair, legal and considerate decisions with regards to people in the organization.

The Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP) Training is a two-day’s overview of human resource issues for non HR personnel who will be able to fulfill a better understanding of the HR process, the things that they need to do differently compared to what they are doing now and how to better fulfill that role in managing an HR process within their team, department or organization resulting in them managing employees for the best results for the success of the business strategy.

The business needs to continuously evolve the way we engage with the business and the people and hence it is critical to achieve the delivery of Human Resources capabilities to achieve growth.

  • Understand the general requirements of the HR Practices of Malaysia and its relative application at work.
  • Ability to implement the right processes and procedures covering the following crucial areas: Hiring, Managing Human Resources (Permanent Employees; Part Timers; Contract Staff), Effective Deployment, Setting of KPIs, Consequence Management  (Management of Disciplinary Issues; Correspondence; Domestic Inquiries; Termination Process; Legal Claims by Dismissed Employees)
  • Ability by Management / Organization to reduce the risk of wrong Human Resource Management Practices
  • Highly Interactive Session, with a bilateral approach to the subject matter   allowing participants to share incidences at respective work locations.
  • Video Presentation
  • Mind Mapping and Recap Sessions
  • Mini Workshop Session – allowing participants to develop their own process and to support subject matter and work in synergy with other participants
  • Encourage team work
  • The related labour laws, case studies would be invoked and analysis of legal implications for non-compliance would be discussed and outlined

Senior Managers, Top Management