Innovative, Critical & Analytical Thinking (ICAT) Professional Effectiveness for Senior Management


If we accept a problem as a gap between a current and a desired state, then problem solving can be defined as the process of making something into what we want it to be. That is, when we solve a problem, we transform “what is” into “what should be.” In today’s fast-changing world, environment doesn’t provide the luxury of waiting for serendipity, even for the most skilled minds. Rather, organizations need a way to search systematically for solutions.


iCAT is designed to invoke innovation. It will teach participants how to use structured frameworks to generate fact-based hypotheses followed by data gathering and analysis to solve business problems. Thereafter creative thinking ability is used to generate ideas to solve the problems and finally innovating these ideas to bring them to the market successfully. In the process, the participants will learn how and when to use specific tools to unlock innovation within themselves and their staff and produce quality ideas and decisions for the organization.


  • Shifting paradigms from problem conscious to “Solution Conscious” by understanding common human reactions to problem solving.
  • Understand the how world-class companies establish an innovative culture within their organization.
  • Learn critical thinking and analytical thinking techniques to assess business problems objectively, before developing innovative solutions.
  • Understand and use creative pattern breaking and idea collecting tools to generate out of the world solutions.
  • Understand the 4-step problem solving process and the thought process that will clarify the business problem.
  • Using the Pareto principle and in designing, analysing and gathering data to speed up problem solving.
  • Structuring facts rigidly and thinking with maximum clarity to identify core issues.
  • Identifying viable ideas through proper assessments and decision making matrices and using innovative methods to bring these to the market.
  • Use effective techniques to stimulate innovative thinking in a meeting setting to get the best ideas from the best minds in the organization.

The programme is designed with case studies, interactive lectures, and group discussions. Upon completion of the programme, the participants will begin working on key innovations identified during the programme.

 Post programme Project: Transforming the organization through Innovation

  • Step 1: The participants will be required to set up committees to gather necessary information pertaining to the top 3 areas for innovation.
  • Step 2: Participants will then lead a think tank session as experienced in the programme to develop executable ideas.

The successful completion of the think tank session will allow a 3rd level evaluation.


Managers, Senior Managers