Leading With Innovation


Leading with Innovation is the fundamental pillar for organizations aiming to be for the top spot and continuing to excel in all that they do.  With the advent of so many technological gizmos and a mercurial business environment that keeps spewing out the need for change, thinking innovatively is your best friend to not just stay afloat but thrive. The financial meltdown of 2008 forced many industries to innovate. As the adage goes; the need for change is the mother of innovation.

INNOVATION AND CHANGE is no nonsense, extremely practical, 2 day competency based class for executives and above. It is fundamentally about the Science of Leadership Innovation.

  • Mission: To lead in the growth of the Nation in the areas of DRB-HICOM’s core business
  • Shared values: Excellence, Innovation, Decorum, Quality, Teamwork, Transparency & Integrity


  • Able to think rationally and creatively beyond conventional constraints.
  • Ease managers into thinking paths so that their thinking is not” boxed inside”
  • Individual and team breakout sessions for brainstorming and ideas generation.
  • Self-reflection interventions to determine corrective action for improvement.
  • Active involvement in experiential simulations.
  • Individual and team presentations on core topics / problem areas.
  • Video presentations
  • 6 DISCIPLINES OF LEARNING style delivery

Managers and Senior Managers