Personal & People Management: Creating The Champions of the Future


Mangers, supervisors, team leaders, project leaders all need to have skills that positively influence themselves and employee relationship. A leader with poor people management skills can be insidious for a business. It leads to top performers leaving the company after only a short period of time, unsatisfied customers, and unaddressed problems. And that’s only the beginning. Unengaged and unproductive workers cost companies millions of dollars every year. Eventually, those workers simply remove themselves from the business and the cycle continues.

 This Personal and People Management program is designed to help you improve your professional skills and help you achieve goals both professionally and personally. This program is intended to improve your future, by expanding professional skills sets:

  • Make the right decisions
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Prioritise and delegate the right task
  • Solve problems and handle conflict situations
  • Improve self-confidence and inspire others
  • Goal setting
  • use of precise and accurate language
  • planning and prioritisation.
  • Conflictmanagement
  • Emotional management
  • Inspiring others

This program teaches you:

  • Know your personality traits and that of your co-workers
  • Clarify personal strengths and areas of improvement.
  • About the Magic of BHAG: How to set and achieve worthwhile, valuable goals
  • Improve your communication skills; be more specific, persuasive and inspiring
  • Learn the best way to handle poor performance and other conflict situations
  • Maximise productivity with proper planning, delegation and time management skills
  • Transform any team negativity with a positive mental attitude
  • Get the best performance from every member of the team
  • Master your own emotions. Gain greater self-awareness. Develop more Emotional Intelligence
  • Inspire others to become more optimistic. Help them to become more productive
  • Realistically assesses own strengths and areas of improvement and their impact on others relative to the requirements of the work and the team.
  • Seeks and effectively uses feedback from others to assess and improve own performance as well as team performance.
  • Display and manages Time Management effectively.
  • Seeks to improve their performance and takes corrective actions to remedy any shortfalls identified.
  • Provide constructive feedback using clear positive language.
  • Takes full responsibility for achievements and shortfalls.
  • Perseveres in the face of performance obstacles for the achievement of work/team objectives.
  • Consistently chooses ethical courses of action for workplace behavior.
  • Displays reliability, conscientiousness towards Career Development.

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers

  • Role play
  • Case study
  • Quizzes
  • Simulating real world challenges
  • Customer service beatitudes- video learning
  • Group discussions, sharing of ideas and wins