The Powerful Art of Delegation


It is said one of the best reasons to delegate tasks to others has to do with the type of business culture a leader hopes to create. Delegation helps to boost team moral, improve efficiency and productivity, and promotes enthusiasm, innovation, and cooperation. All of which are vital to a company’s bottom line.

A 2017 study on time management found that close to half of the 332 companies surveyed were concerned about their employees’ delegation skills. At the same time, only 28 percent of those companies offered any training on the topic. And in an executive leadership study by Stanford University, 72 percent of chief executives said that they either need to improve or are working on improving their delegation skills. For middle managers who need to answer to senior leadership that number is likely higher.

So why is there hesitation? It generally stems from personal insecurity—whether it’s fear of losing time, control, credit, or delegating yourself out of a job. But because delegation only succeeds when you can surrender control of the details and decision-making process to your colleagues, you need to recognize and address those concerns before assigning tasks.

This program teaches you:

The program is designed to teach strategies of delegation to increased productivity and progress for managers and employees while breaking the monotony so that everyone can be more creative and efficient. Delegation of authority is not only helpful to the subordinates but it also helps the managers to develop their talents and skills.

  • Learn to let go and delegate by empowering your team.
  • Establish a firm priority system to ensure clear objectives for your subordinates.
  • Enhance your employees’ strengths by establishing a working culture of self-esteem.
  • Establishing a clear communication process among your team within the organization
  • To become a change agent of growth among your high potentials
  • Build Trust among your team through empowerment and strong leadership.

Senior Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers

  • Establish efficiency and productivity, as well as promoting enthusiasm, innovation, and cooperation among your employees.
  • To become a manager and leader who can focus on planning and organizing by mastering the art of delegating tasks to the right people.
  • Create team synergy by understanding your teams strenght and areas of growth
  • Eliminate minimize safety risks, and supply the company with a group of highly-qualified employees who are experts at getting the job done right.
  • To stop using the old saying of “if you want something done right, you must do it yourself.”  And move to new age work methods
  • Case study
  • Quizzes
  • Simulating real world challenges
  • Customer service beatitudes- video learning
  • Group discussions, sharing of ideas and wins