Managing Conflict & Media Relations


This programme is designed to impart the competencies required to forge a powerful, high-performance managerial team that will endeavour to prevent, defuse and create a winning outcome in any given complex or controversial conflict situation.

This programme is designed also to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to build an effective relationship with the media and to leverage on the relationship to present positive news about the organisation, as well as to prevail upon the relationship in times of crisis to mitigate any negative perceptions that might occur.


  • Acquire emotional intelligence skills that will enhance leadership and management.
  • Foster an environment of trust and openness
  • Understand the value of successful stakeholder relationship management on the organisation’s image
  • List down the risks of poor stakeholder relationship management
  • Practice successful stakeholder relationship management techniques
  • Develop strategies and solutions for handling conflict in the workplace.
  • Apply techniques that can make conflict cognitive and turn it into constructive interaction.
  • Think strategically as a team to produce desired results.
  • Understand how the media operates
  • Establish and maintain good relations with key media representatives
  • Identify what makes news for print and broadcast media
  • Craft effective key messages for different media encounters
  • Prepare strategy for press conferences, media briefings and interviews
  • Handle face to face and telephone encounters with confidence
  • Employ bridging, blocking and flagging techniques
  • Turn a crisis situation into a positive story
  • Anticipate and handle difficult questions with equanimity
  • Ensure preparedness at all times for encounters with the media
  • Understand the pros and cons of social media in the PR strategy
  • Employ effective communication skills to build trust and rapport with media representatives

Action-learning activities, videos, case studies, group discussions, role-plays and teaching sessions


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers