The Power Of Switch


Change is inevitable. The only thing that is constant is change. The process of change can be pleasurable or painful, but it need not be a struggle. For organizations to change, people and processes must change. People are creatures of habit. Creating sustainable habits ensures sustainable change. Hence, leaders need to learn and apply the psychology of change or face the consequences of being left behind.

  • To understand the psychology of behavior formation and mindset change.
  • To understand the transition of behavioural change during a change event.
  • To understand the psychology of sustainable habit creation.
  • To understand how language influences behaviour.
  • To understand the psychology of different types of people.
  • To understand how to influence change in others through the use of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • To understand how to communicate change and deal with resistance.
  • To understand the psychology of stress and how to consciously switch your stress response.
  • To understand how to use positive psychology to induce happiness and a sense of confidence in yourself and those around you.
  • To use the positive psychology to switch fear, worry and anxiety into confidence, optimism and joy.

The program is highly experiential, unique and fluid. We might have a flow in our mind however as it is human centered and many things can come out during the process, participants are challenge and encourage to be flexible with the changes that may occur during the program


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above