Managing People & Performance


One of the biggest challenges for any leader/manager is to manage the team effectively. If we are too strict, we may lose our key talents. If we are too lenient, they will walk all over us. Of course, we can always refer to HR, but then HR is busy and we want our people to know that we are in control and not HR. So just how do we manage this situation?

Managing people and performance is a comprehensive program that will equip your managers/supervisors with all the tools they need to take the first course of action when people go out of line and nip the problem in the bud straight away. Many times, managers take the wrong actions and make the situation worse. By the time HR comes into the picture, the situation is out of control. With these tools in your hands, you managers will become more confident in handling their people better.

Besides just the theory, this program also deals with the practical aspects out there by taking real-life problems and showing participants how to resolve them. It truly is a kind program that every manager must have.


  • Effectively manage difficult and problematic staff immediately
  • Take the first correct step towards resolving the issue
  • Prevent repeat of similar offenses / issues from happening in future
  • Prevent others from following these “bad apples”
  • Deal with staff in a more professional way
  • Understand how to handle and influence union reps
  • Read people’s personalities and use that to their advantage when dealing with people
  • Become a more effective manager by learning the basics and foundations of managing people and performance.

Interactive lecture, group discussion, activities, case studies, and quizzes.


Managers, Senior Managers