The Psychology Of People Management


This proposal outlines the focus of a 2-day Psychology of People Management workshop. Without a firm understanding of levels of competencies and confidence of the employees, managers will find it difficult to effectively manage them. Hence, this one-day workshop focuses on the practice of management can vary with the type of people managed, the situation, and the nature of the task to be accomplished. It highlights and discusses and provides the tools on how to engage our employees more effectively.  The program will also emphasize how to give effective performance-based feedback and how to have meaningful conversations especially in dealing with discipline, grievances, and conflict issues.


Managing people has become an important practice in the workplace. Without a clear and intentional style of managing people, staff and peers become disillusioned with the workplace. This program is developed to help managers to be better equipped to handle the different challenges that are faced in the workplace.

    • Understand and apply the key principles from managerial psychology to the workplace.
    • Understand the competencies and confidence of the employees and how to manage them differently
    • Apply key strategies for engaging the employees effectively.
    • Apply key strategies on how to give effective and immediate performance feedback.
    • Apply conflict management skills that will help in having meaningful conversations

Interactive lectures, speaking opportunities, evaluations, peer evaluations, video-taped review of speakers, group discussions and activities.


Managers, Senior Managers