Performance Management & KPI Setting


A properly designed and effective performance management process will require a range of techniques including agreeing objectives, reviewing and monitoring performance, giving feedback, coaching, training and development and reward and of Training the appraisal process itself.  Effective Performance Management incorporates a series of on-going assessments, processes and activities that encourage growth and measure progress in attaining objectives.

To determine an effective Performance Management, a set of KPIs are to be ascertained as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are financial and non-financial indicators that a company uses to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting their strategic and operational goals.  KPIs are directly linked to the overall goals of the Company and they are measurements that define and track specific business goals and objectives.  KPIs give everyone in the organization a clear picture of what is important of what they need to do to make it HAPPEN!

The KPIs:

  • Must reflect the organization’s goal
  • Must be key to its success
  • Must be quantifiable ie. Measurable

The Training will demonstrate how these techniques link to the role of HR and the role of the line-managers and will be focused on both the theoretical and practical. There will be a practical skills workshop conducted each day where what has been learned will be put into practice which will cover the following:

  • How to design and introduce an effective performance management scheme
  • The skills that managers, supervisors and team leaders need to be effective in performance management
  • Making performance appraisal work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Managing and improving poor performance
  • Maintaining good performance – the psychology of positive reinforcement
  • Advanced performance management


  • Understand the overall aspect of performance management
  • Describe the purposes of performance management, from an organizational/individual’s point of view
  • Demonstrate the skills involved in each of the four steps of performance management
  • Describe best practice in assisting with employee work-performance problems
  • Make the links between performance management and corporate strategy with effective KPI settings.
  • Group Discussion/Group work
  • Exercises and effective feedback
  • Lectures
  • Role Plays
  • Video Presentation

Managers, Senior Managers