Keys To Effective Presentation & Executive Presence In Person & Online


Effective presentation skills are vital for anyone who wishes to lead in society. People who cannot present well will not be able to persuade others to action. This webshop covers areas relating to basic to online presentation skills and to build a solid foundation to focus on the presenter to give effective presentations. This webshop is ideal for people who are engaged in giving verbal communication, whether with 2 or even engaged in addressing a large crowd. Both situations require for you to present your ideas with impact and purpose.

This Online Webshop is Activity as well as Result Driven to unlock the Secrets show you how to present with more Impact and Purpose! You will also be empowered with Powerful Strategies which can be applied and used in your professional life and your personal life the very next day!

  • Creating Impactful and Attractive Presentation
  • Connecting Better with Your Audience Online
  • Managing Your Physical Presence
  • Using Latest Trend of Visual Aids with Impact
  • Developing Your Presentation Systematically
  • Using Your Body Language Effectively Online
  • Manage Your Voice
  • Practicing Your Delivery
  • Handling Questions & Answers Effectively
  • Responding to Difficult Questions
  • Managing the Audience
  • Build Confidence to Present Effectively
  • Speaking with Good Purpose to Get the Message Across

This training is interactive and participative allowing participants to internalize the concepts and knowledge learnt. There is a mixture of lectures, role plays, skill practices, discussions, activities group dynamics, simulations, and reflective exercises to integrate learning.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers