Presentation Skills For Professionals


Giving a formal or informal presentation is becoming increasingly important element in many job roles. Whether you’re persuading colleagues, selling to a client, conducting meetings, showing an idea to the senior management or simply having a conversation, the power or your presentation makes a difference between success and failure.

 This 2 day program builds on an existing presentation experience you have and helps polish them into an exceptional presentation. It ensures that you not only are persuasive presenters, but delivers content that are sharp, concise and have a lasting impact.


This program is designed for participants to have hands-on experience and deliver compelling presentations for up to 6 times. Participants will be exposed to different types of presentations, learning different approaches to them in engaging the audience. They will uncover different techniques of delivering, and making a presentation not only effective but interesting and fun as well.

 Participants will leave this program transforming themselves into exceptional presenters and a star in the making.


  • Be more relaxed and natural when making presentations
  • Plan and deliver structured presentations
  • Deliver presentations professionally and confidently to any type of audience
  • Communicate messages clearly and with impact
  • Use appropriate visual aids to support your presentation
  • Plan for and deal with audience questions and feedback
  • Establish a positive first impression and a lasting impression
  • Make complex information easy to understand and interesting
  • Leveraging verbal & non-verbal abilities
  • Assess your audience and persuade them to action
  • Prepare and deliver up to six live presentations with individual coaching
  • 70-20-10 training concept application which include participation/activities, discussions & knowledge transfer respectively
  • Practical and real business context of presentations being applied in the program
  • A complete pre-assessments and post-assessment to measure presentation level in each participant and to evaluate the right context of delivery from trainer
  • Strong coaching and pushes participant’s comfort zone during live presentations

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers