Problem Solving Mindset & Decision-Making Skills


In our complex and fast changing world where the focus is always on how business and its processes can be improved. It is not uncommon to see changes made for the better almost on a monthly basis in certain organizations. Executives and leaders are expected to think on their feet, and emerge with brilliant ideas as and when required, which might be a challenge to most. “Off-the-shelf” or standard thinking is just not enough! To survive the cut-throat corporate world, creativity and differentiation is the key to find innovative solutions to difficult problems and make decisions in an environment in which there are lots of unknowns.

How many of us have said “I am not the thinking kind…”, especially when faced with tasks that require a degree of creativity. The fact of the matter is, creativity, in the business world at least, can be honed with awareness, knowledge and practice. It is a skill which can be learnt- at any age. Once you’ve learnt the pre-requisites and understand how it applies to you, the next step would be to organise the thinking methodically to solve problems, and then move on to the action phase. And this is precisely what this programme is going to help you do, and it will be a lesson learnt for life.


    • Learn the techniques to brainstorm new ideas to improve work & business processes
    • Reprogram your thought processes from a can’t do to a can-do attitude
    • Appreciate the different thinking-types to be able to use the right-thinking strategy
    • Evaluate why we are boxed-in with our thinking pattern and build the confidence to step out of the comfort zone of the ‘safe’ thinking
    • Trained to always look at the solution in every problem
    • Creating a paradigm shift that helps you look at a problem from different perspectives
    • Understand how we think
    • Identify what a creative and logical mind looks like
    • Develop the ability to continuously look for possibilities in an environment that may be filled with challenges
  • Lectures
  • Brain Teasers
  • Case Studies
  • Individual Creative Puzzles
  • Group Brainstorming Activities
  • Energisers
  • Videos

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers