Root Cause Analysis (RCA) With Problem Solving & Decision Making Approaches


Many problem solving techniques exist to combat issues in the workplace. However, implementation alone is insufficient if only the symptoms are addressed. In order to permanently resolve the situation, problem solvers must have the necessary techniques and practical skills to go beyond the surface, address the root cause as well as make effective decisions.

This programme takes a practical hands-on approach to systematically define the problem, understand the situation, drill down and fix the cause, and ensure the resolution is permanent. The methods discussed can immediately be used to resolve day-to-day operational situations as well as more complicated and long-term problems.


  • Understand the principles of RCA
  • Recognise the need for a change in mindset
  • Acquire methods for scoping the problem
  • Apply problem solving tools for effective diagnosis
  • Implement the solution successfully
  • Measure the effectiveness of decisions that have been made

Training will be conducted in the form of interactive lectures, lively group discussions, vibrant exercises, informative case studies, and dynamic presentations. Participants are advised to use real workplace problems during the session for a better understanding of the techniques utilized during the programme.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers