Project Management Essentials


Project Management is an essential part of today’s organizations and without a proper and structured approach, projects may end up wasting Time, Money and Resources to rectify defects which may result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of reputation. It is therefore imperative that good Project Management practices and methods are understood and implemented.

The challenge for project managers and teams is that today’s projects must be delivered within aggressive deadlines, tight budgets, scarce resources and to exacting quality standards whilst taking into account project risk. Alongside that is the ‘soft skills’ aspect of project management where one has to deal with a multitude of stakeholders, diverse team members and top management. Leadership is also a much needed aspect of project management without which the project team becomes directionless.

This workshop brings to tether the technical and the soft skills side of project management to give the participants a holistic view and knowledge that are required when managing projects in today’s environment.

The best practices in project management using PMBOK Project Framework is used to deliver a comprehensive workshop that will assist participants to overcome and manage challenges in planning, implementing and controlling projects.


  • Participants would be able to understand the 10 knowledge areas of PMBOK Methodology and Project life Cycle, from Project Initiation to Project Closure
  • Participants would be able to understand the importance of planning a project.
  • Participants would be able to appreciate the processes involved in the four mandatory processes of Project Management, namely Time Management, Scope Management, Cost Management and Quality Management.
  • Participants would be able to appreciate the processes involved in the five supporting processes of Project Management, namely Integration Management, Risk Management, Communication Management, Resource Management and Procurement Management.
  • Participants would be able to appreciate the traditional project management vs the trending AGILE method of managing projects.

We shall use the virtual Fun-based, Adult experiential training concept while conducting this online training.  In an adult experiential learning environment, the method must convey the content, keeping the focus, generate interest and excitement throughout the training, allow learning success, by using participants own problems faced in their projects, apply learning on the job and to help participants solve real-world problems rather than a theory and educationist concept of teaching.

We provide varieties during the training, which includes quizzes, rewards, critics, group discussions, and variety of mind-stimulating games relevant to the subject being taught.  This allows the participants to “experience” the subject, rather than just viewing the PowerPoint presentation slides.  In addition, participants will be able to relate their learning to their respective work at the end of each subject taught.

Game: Ice-Breaking Game

Participants participate in ice-breaking game that allows them to ‘open-up’ about themselves – more than just names and designations.  A good project management is achieved when team members are comfortable with each other and appreciates each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  The ice-breaking game facilitates teamwork among participants and helps in fostering more openness and idea sharing between team members throughout the training.


Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers, Top Management