Professional Selling Skills


Businesses are profit-making units and what drives these units is the process of selling. All efforts in an organization are ultimately directed towards incurring targeted sales. The orientation in the market has shifted from product concept to marketing concept.

Earlier selling was all about finding the best fit of customers for your product but now the priority is to find the best fit of products for your customer. Customer’s need satisfaction has become paramount for businesses to succeed.

This has generated the need to have a dedicated sales staff in every organization. A company no longer needs just a salesperson but need of the hour is a professional seller who will not only sell the products but will rather create value for the customer, manage the relationship and gather information necessary for the organization. Professional seller is your one-stop solution for all sale-related challenges.

Why Professional Selling Skills?

The following could be some of the burning questions faced by your salespeople:

  • How to convert prospects into buyers?
  • How to create a satisfied customer relationship?
  • What selling strategies are best applicable in what scenario?
  • How to generate leads?
  • What are the common ethical issues faced by sellers and how to tackle them?

These obstacles are best overcome by acquiring professional selling skills. For an organization to have a long haul it becomes crucial to transcend sellers into professional sellers.

The professional selling skills training course recognizes that professional selling has become an integral part of marketing for any organization and is infeasible to ignore. With this mandate, the course aims at converting amateur sellers into professional sellers that would become an added asset for the company.

The course provides insights into bestselling strategies and practices. It becomes a must to attend for any salesperson looking to stand out in their field.


  • Develop skills related to face-to-face interaction with prospects and buyers for successful selling
  • Developing skills leading to lead generation and collecting information crucial for the organization
  • Understand various methods of selling and selling strategies
  • Inculcating skills of prospecting and negotiation
  • Understand the necessity of follow-up to maintain long term relationship with customers
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group Presentations & Discussions
  • Management games
  • Role-playing
  • Case studies

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers