Sales Approach Skills For Effective Selling


Organizations and sales people who have a 100% commitment to do whatever it takes to elevate their sales to a whole new level are the ones most likely to succeed. Every organization has the potential to harness the power of their sales people just as surely as oxygen pumps life into the human body.

In competitive situations like sales, it helps to have an edge – a special advantage. There is no 100% guaranteed method to succeed in selling but you can make it a lot easier to sell more with properly defined techniques.

The Key Aspects of Successful Selling

Regardless of the market sector of the selling organization, there are five essential factors for selling success:

  • A well-defined sales process increases sales revenues
  • Good selling skills and appropriate sales techniques lead to good sales results
  • Focus sales people’s priorities and time on core “high-yield’ selling activities
  • Use every means possible to expand and encourage self-belief among sales people
  • Select and develop sales managers and leaders who can inspire, develop and truly lead the sales people

This program will provide the tools to develop professional sales staff and thus help any organization to increase their sales


  • List product key features and benefits
  • Identify the customers’ needs
  • Match product benefits to customers’ needs
  • Make a clear and concise sales presentation
  • Close the sales

Sales Challenge; Games; Situational Based Learning; Role play & De-briefing Session; Case Study; Group Work


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers