Selling Skills In Automobile Industry


The Selling Skills Program is a practical program designed to provide participants with proven techniques and strategies to help them in their selling roles in the Automobile Industry.  The course looks at the sales process itself and the key selling skills of prospecting, establishing interest, building the customer relationship, presenting, matching benefits and negotiation & closing techniques.

This Program will teach participants techniques used by successful sales people in identifying the REAL need and then re-present a Solution to the customer.

It provides a practical and relevant approach to selling and is designed to be comprehensive, highly interactive and fun. It will focus especially on how to generate leads, meet the customer and use NLP techniques to convince the customer.

This Program will teach and equip participants with the essentials of selling. It will suit participants who are just starting their careers in sales or those who are already in the selling arena and wish to sharpen their selling skills.


To update awareness and understanding of the range of practical knowledge, fundamental techniques and essential principles one can bring to bear to improve Selling Skills and Customer Relations in the Automobile Industry.

    • Sell himself first before selling the Product
    • Understand and use the psychology of buying / selling automobile in the Malaysian market.
    • Use the correct questioning skills to identify what actually the customers is looking for and to use this back on the customer to convince the customer.
    • Understand and use techniques to enhance trust on when customers ask for competitor comparison
    • Present the product in the most suitable manner for different types of customers – visual, auditory and kinesthetic
    • Understand and use NLP Techniques to win rapport and trust from clients
    • Handle objections and turn the objections into an opportunity to close the sale
    • Understand and be able to use Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion to persuade and convince the customers
    • Understand and identify the buying signals
    • Understand and be able to use the different closing techniques in different scenarios and customers

The will be liberal use of lectures, role plays, discussion, individual and group interactive exercise. Extensive use of specially developed Learning Interventions, audio visual aid and NLP to achieve mastery of subject matter after the presentation by Course Leader.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers