The Winning Mindset – Enhancing People’s Selling Skills Through NLP


Personal selling is about building relationships that creates long-term benefit to the sales personnel and the organization – not simply completing a transaction.

You need an edge –– a reason that makes you more attractive to the customer. Those who promote sell and deliver the value of the product, service or solution that the customers buy, seems to know naturally what ticks (how to influence and persuade), to increase market share for the company. Sales and service personnel can be trained to perform the task productively.

People who sell themselves more effectively than others have equipped themselves with the art of selling and has applied a Mindset that generates positive selling attitudes.

This program is aimed at sharpening the sales personnel’s skills in prospecting, presenting, selling and servicing the prospects and customers.

Emphasis will be placed on the importance of interpersonal skills communication, influencing skills to start, maintain good customer services, how to overcome objections and rejections


  • Develop an understanding of a practical reframe of Sales Process
  • Effectively build rapport with your customers and influence buying process.
  • Add a powerful set of listening and communication tools to assist the selling process
  • Explore the inner factors that influence the sales.
  • Understand your customers wants and needs
  • Understand how your prospect­s process information and their thought preferences
  • Understand sales strategy and sales tactics that support your customers buying strategies
  • Apply non-verbal communication to influence prospect in selling and negotiations.
  • Use of language to gain influence and Close with a difference

In this Experiential program, we adopt a coaching and facilitative approach through interactive workshops, self-assessments, group activities and simulations.

It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcome and so the activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants are facing in Selling.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers