Value Based Selling


The sales arena is changing.  As customer expectations become increasingly demanding so the total sales offer has to increase to prevent it from becoming commoditised.  Against this backdrop sales organisations need to be clear about how they can continue to add value.  This shift has created a realisation that for the sales organisation to stay ahead of the changing needs of its customers it has to change and that means more than sales teams attending another generic sales training course.

Most successful sellers, consultants and / or influencers believe the key to their success is the ability to communicate effectively with clients, and to develop and grow strong relationships with them. In our Value-Based Selling Skills Workshop, we specifically focus on the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve your ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with your prospects and clients. We do this through a combination of interactive lecture and ‘doing-it’ clinics and role-plays.


  • Improve average order values
  • Increase the take of ‘Wallet Share’
  • Move further up the value chain away from ‘commodity hell’
  • Improve your reputation as a value adding salesperson
  • Analyse their personal performance, and through increased self-awareness reduce weaknesses and maximise strengths in their sales approach
  • Build their confidence in presenting value rather than costs
  • Develop business relationships which ensure customers want to do more business with them
  • Review difficult sales situations and construct more effective sales presentations
  • Develop greater opportunities for closing more business

Designed to be trained with a pencil and paper methodology and combined with game technology, exercises, quiz, assessments, case studies, role-play, presentations & group work.

This is a highly intensive and participative workshop that focuses on developing the participants with knowledge, skills and capabilities towards engaging with Key Account clients and building the Account profitably. A variety of learning methodologies such as interactive learning strategies and will be used to sustain the participant’s interest and to create an optimum learning environment that will maximize the learning outcomes.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers