Take Five! Stress Management Programme


The world of the 21st century requires every corporate citizen to move faster, think faster, act faster decide faster and change faster. Mistakes are not tolerated, quality is expected, days a shorter and sometimes even life, if we don’t learn to manage it. There is no running away from stress but there are numerous ways to cope with it. Stress is more a mental phenomenon rather than a physical condition. The effects of stress manifest as unrest, low self-esteem, low confidence, a negative attitude and even physical and mental disease. Hence, stress management is, simply, learning how to effectively cope with your environment both mentally and physically. Stress management is self-management. It requires discipline and commitment but the benefits are astounding.

  • Define their purpose in life with clarity in order to take control of life and its challenges.
  • Identify stressors and their sources, be it self-imposed or environmentally imposed.
  • Understand the dynamics of a stressful mind and the short and long-term consequences.
  • Create a personal profile through assessments of temperament, steadfastness, stress identity, stress susceptibility, stress behaviour, burnout and depression.
  • Manage stressors by applying the Anti S.O.B (Stress, Overload, Burnout) principles in the stress tracker.
  • Successfully use mental reframing techniques to overcome stress caused by fear, worry and anxiety.
  • Identify and eliminate self-sabotage techniques subconsciously used during a stressful event.
  • Use simple work place relaxation techniques to cope with stress

The program involves interactive lectures coupled with a series of self-assessments, video presentations and group discussions. Participants will also go through a systematic approach in identifying their stress and charting a practical action plan with the tools and techniques given. Action plans drawn out will be part of the post programme process.


Non-executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers