Stress Management & Resilience


Work is stressful! Life too, can be stressful! So how do we cope and still be healthy, happy and successful?

Participants will learn how to improve their stress management with practical and proven approaches that works not only at work but also in their personal lives. As a result, their resilience will increase.

This two-day program provides a clear understanding on how stress and pressure works, and what we can do to influence them to our advantage. The learning will not be technical or too theoretical. Instead it will be in simple language with common examples and case studies that participants can easily relate to.

  • Appreciate what stress and resilience are and how to use these to our advantage
  • Gain the skills to manage and prioritize resources to manage our stress levels
  • Gain skills to manage and change stressful emotions that often arise
  • Gain the skills to change the meanings we give and better handle pressure
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills to improve our physical health and well-being
  • Acquire the skills to rest and recharge yourself as needed
  • Be able to apply the three strategies for effective stress management
  • Appreciate healthy and supportive mental habits

This program uses Adult Learning approaches. This includes minimal two-way lectures, use of multimedia aids, demonstrations, case studies, group discussions, Kahoot quizes, learning games, self-evaluations and self-reflections. Examples, Case Studies and Mini-Projects will be adjusted accordingly.


Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers