1 Team 1 Vision: Corporate Team Building Programme


By organizing this team event, it will help the organization to develop or strengthen team bonding and help teams work more effectively together. Employees are put in an unusual environment away from the office and need to work as a team to achieve an objective. This not only gives employees an insight into their own behavior, it also gives them the opportunity to see colleagues in a different light and – more importantly – it gives an insight into the dynamics within the team. Organizations will be able to notice how well employees work together, how they react to stress, who has leadership abilities, and we might use the team building exercise in connection with a particular project or objective in the work place


    • Time Management
    • Effective Collaboration
    • Build Self-confidence
    • Research & Analytical Skills
    • Fun, Excitement & Memorable thoughts to cherish
    • Decision Making Skills
    • Boost Employee Morale to perform
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Competitiveness Team Work
    • Thinking out of Box – Creative Thinking
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Communications Skills
    • Stretching your limits

Video clips, Role-play, Activities & Activity Observation


Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers