Quest For Glory: Strategic Team Building Programme


Excellent teams are made up of people who strive to maintain the same level of attention, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm they first experienced during the inception of the team. Such teams believe and truly live the Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’ – the idea that continuous improvement is infinite. Excellent teams must think about how their outputs impact other teams, customers and the entire organization. They strive to become the best that they can be.

Quest for Glory is all about developing team members who are flexible and adaptable to change in their pursuit of excellence. Participants will go through several simulations and activities that will strengthen relationships between business units, create harmony and unity, highlight the importance of quality work, effective communication and most importantly heighten their spirit of camaraderie.


    • Enhance communication and strengthen bonds within the team for a more harmonious and unified work environment
    • To express expectations towards subunits and develop agreeable actions to mitigate existing differences in expectations
    • Understand the significance of adapting quickly to change.
    • Understand the role of a leader and follower in creating the right culture and temperature within a team to create sense of belonging and loyalty among team members
    • To have a can do attitude when facing problems and not look for faults in others
    • To understand how to embrace change and move as one team
    • To enhance the speed of execution

The program involves an extensive series of outdoor (70%) and indoor (30%) activities laced with practical debriefs including subsequent brainstorming and team presentation sessions.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers