The Wild Chefs: Team Building Programme


Bored of the usual team building events which feature the usual themes and activities? Fed up of just running around, getting tired but not having any real value from your team building events? Tired of the usual “ra-ra” team building?


What your organization needs is something fresh and new that has never been done before. Introducing our brand new program called The Wild Chef – a unique and exciting team building event that will transform and take your team to the next level. Each activity is planned and designed carefully to create a powerful impact on your team and touch the heart of each participant. The lessons learnt and team bonding tools shared will be something that every team needs in order for them to work well together and perform at their best.

Don’t short change your team with the usual boring stuff. It’s time to up the ante and your team deserves the best.


    • Strengthening team bonding and bridging the gap between people
    • Discovering tools and resources that help strengthen team effectiveness and cohesiveness
    • Create greater level of trust among team members
    • Breaking Silo thinking among participants
    • Inculcate a win-win working culture / attitude among themselves
    • Realize the value of each team member and how a team can achieve far more as a team compared to working individually
    • Instilling higher motivation among each team member while having fun together
  • Team Dynamics (exploring big, medium & small teams’ concepts)
  • Context setting from working agreement to expectations (returning the ownership to the people)
  • FUN elements (Serious FUN, FUN seriously and at times just FUNN –Functional understanding not necessary)
  • Value base learning / feed backs / sharing

Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers