Personal Effectiveness: Managing Time, Priorities, Work & Adapting To Change


Personal Effectiveness is an important skill set to ensure one is effective and efficient at work. The key is knowing ourselves well, how we can contribute fully to the organization and how to manage our priorities and activities in the time that is available.

There are specific skillsets involved in being effective at work.

This includes being aware of how we currently use our time and being able to set clear goals and priorities. This also includes being aware of our own strengths and weaknesses and being proactive in our contributions at work. Finally, this includes understanding the natural change cycle so we can adapt to change more easily.


  • Be aware of the way they are currently using time and how to improve on this
  • Use prioritization principles to keep them focused on their goals and achieve them in time
  • Be aware of existing strengths and identify how to use these to be more effective at work
  • Use stress management techniques to manage their energy level, emotions and stress
  • Understand the change cycle and how to adapt to changes
  • Identify ways to be proactive in solving problems and improving ourselves daily
  • The approach is highly participative and is geared towards your own situations. It applies various learning methods such as minimal lectures, group work, learning games, videos, extensive discussions, case studies and role plays to ensure effective results.

Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers