Management Skills for Administrative Professionals


Ensuring that the boss always looks good is never easy. As the Assistant to the boss, you need to ensure they are on time for every single appointment, has all the relevant information with them while up to date on every single task that is happening in the office.

During this workshop, the participants will learn how to run a stellar office and stay in control, no matter how hectic the day becomes.  Additionally,  they  will  discover  how  to  build  personal  credibility,  improve  their communication skills, deal with difficult people, manage negative situations and more.

  • Acquaint participants with the changing role of Secretaries/Executive Assistants /Personal Assistants
  • Assist them to clarify the expectations the boss holds for them
  • Manage and project a good image of themselves
  • Inspire them to perform their roles in effective, efficient ways
  • Create awareness to set goals for their personal development
  • Learn to support their boss better
  • Deal with visitors and make them comfortable
  • Manage office staff  more effectively
  • Improve personal credibility and image
  • Insightful, impactful and realistic lectures and discussions;
  • Productive games and activities
  • Brainstorming current industry specific case studies
  • Instant feedback from role plays and practical practices from the facilitator.

Non-Executives, Executives
This workshop is designed for learners in secretarial, clerical and administrative roles.