Agility In Team Collaboration: Developing Agility & Collaboration Skills


The one who adapts fastest to changes wins and stays longer in the game. In order to adapt, a person develop agility and collaborative spirit. Agility means quick to respond whether mentally, emotionally or physically.

Mastering agility and collaboration skills allows one to be in control of self, think and draw conclusions quickly, and thrive in any situation.

This workshop aims to transform each participant through interactive and experiential learning activities to embrace agility with structured process applicable at work and in life. Throughout the sessions, participants will learn deeper about Agile concepts embedded in goal setting, problem solving and team management to create fulfilling experiences at work. At the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with skill, tools and strategies that can propel their performance and strengthen team spirits.

  • Understand the right mindset to promote agility within self and others
  • Develop clarity of work to boost focus, confidence and growth
  • Understand a structural approach to problem solving to assist in decision making
  • Discover personal strengths to boost performance and create synergy with others
  • Learn and apply Agile practices at work to ideate, plan, execute and review work.
  • Acquire techniques and strategies to maintain a balance in performance and wellbeing
  • Cultivate a healthy practice among teams to express opinions, idea and concerns.
  • Enhance team collaboration through experiential activities to increase team synchronicity, performance and productivity
  • Positively influencing others by leveraging on the communication preference of self and others.

This workshop is designed with a blend of experiential and objective-oriented activities, role-play simulations and group discussion. This includes experience sharing, online engagement tools, video presentations and recaps to integrate learning.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers