Agility Mindset: Unlocking Personal Agility for Success


This 2-days highly experiential course Teaches How to Create Positive Change in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced environment, organizations are looking to increase their agility to improve performance, better serve customers and innovate. In fact, 90 percent of executives say that agility is essential to business success.

Unlocking Personal Agility is a unique course built on the latest research in neuroscience and learning.  It teaches participants about the naturally occurring cognitive biases that get in our way and lead to stagnation in the workplace.  It’s loaded with practical and powerful techniques to develop, champion and implement new ways to boost individual and organizational performance.

  • Create awareness on self-limiting beliefs and Mindset that stops performance
  • Build and experience what it takes to build an Agile Mind set
  • Learn to use the Agile mind set method to maintain high performing behaviour at work
  • Use the Agile Method for better manage self
  • Gain clarity on goal to help in achieving optimum performance
  • Learn to adapt to changes fast in an age of disruption
  • Learn the principles of growth hacking mind set to achieve performance in personal and professional life

Combining the latest technology in adult learning, the program delivery is a refine combination of training, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring skills. Participants will gain values through a series of fun and engaging activity, stories, brainstorming and dialogues.  Depending on program objectives and targeted end results, the trainer will also include incorporate some of the following tools in his program delivery:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Accelerated Learning
  • NLP Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence Tools
  • Coaching Tools
  • Eastern & Western Philosophy

Non Executives, Executives. Assistant Managers, Managers