Health & Fitness Talk – 1.5 Hours


“Work life balance” an increasingly used term in corporate Malaysia has become an essential need for Malaysians who spend more time at the office than with loved ones. Many of us go through our prime years striving for career and financial success as a means to attain happiness. Little do we realize that money and time alone cannot give us the happiness we strive for, if we do not have the health to enjoy it with the ones we love.

It is unfortunate that we Malaysians spend only an average of four conscious hours with our families. We dedicate most of our conscious hours to our careers and some to the traffic jams at the expense of our mental and physical health, which also affects our relationships.

Don’t you think it’s a shame to work so hard in pursuit of happiness to end up spending all that money and remaining time doing damage control on your ailing mind and body? REMEMBER! An ill family member affects every family member.

It is also unfortunate, that we Malaysians don’t take responsibility for our own health. We rely heavily on the pharmaceutical and medical industry to “Cure” our body. STOP RIGHT NOW! And take charge of your life. Learn to live a more balanced life today for a longer and better quality of life tomorrow.


  • Become aware of the consequences of being overweight.
  • To identify the fundamentals of daily nutrition and exercise for healthy and permanent weight loss.
  • To identify and list the secrets of healthy living, at least till the ripe old age of 100 from proven living examples.
  • Become aware of their current health status without needles and blood tests.

The talk involves a fun, interactive and energetic lecture coupled with a series of self-measurements. Participants will also go through a systematic approach in identifying health modifiers and proven practices to live a healthier and richer life.


Non executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above