Mission Impossible Talk ~ You Deserve to be Happy – 4 hours


Without goals, we are never as productive or successful as we could be. Everyone has the potential to achieve much more than they currently are achieving. Setting goals is one of the most fundamental keys to long term success.


Mission Possible is designed as a motivation tool for anyone who is prepared to look at life point blank. The talk encourages participants to look deep into themselves and ask important life changing questions that will propel them to enjoy every single moment of life from this point onwards. Participants will physically go through intimate questions to help them find direction. Participants will understand the power of purpose, goals and desire. Participants will learn that measurement is essential for making something possible.

  • To understand that anything is possible if you want it bad enough, no matter when you start.
  • To take stock on your 7 areas of life and understand the importance of self-measurement for self-management.
  • To eliminate mental traps created over the years that still hold you back.
  • To set goals that mean something to you starting with your health.
  • To learn how to keep your mind and body young to enjoy the rest of your life.
  • To use the power of positive affirmation through the creation of a positive and empowering philosophy of life.
  • To use the power of visualization via alpha wave imagery to attract success.

The program involves interactive lectures coupled with a series of thought stimulating activities, group discussions and video presentations.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above