Passion@Work; What Drives You? Developing Internal & Personal Motivation in Employees – 1.5 Hour


Business is slow during the current economic situation – an outward movement of products and services are affected.  Profits are in decline – organizations cannot use salary, bonuses and financial incentives to motivate the workforce. However, your organization still needs to find ways to enhance productivity.  There is a need to change – to try new systems and processes – for the company to survive and grow. This means that employees will need to change, to learn new skills, to take on new responsibilities and commitments.


Organizations, faced with this double-edged unsavory situation, need to find a way to maximize employee capability. The solution lies in enhancing the spirit of passion. Passion is that inner motivation that moves people to action – that drives employees to take ownership of the company’s performance as well as their own career development.

This program helps participants to uncover their purpose in life. Participants will have Intrinsic Motivation – meaning the program will give them a reason to work hard, not for the company, but for themselves. When employees have an internal reason to work hard, they do not need to be told to perform – they will perform on their own.

  • Participants will discover their personal vision, mission & core values
  • They will also uncover their personal shareholders or stakeholders
  • They will have a reason why they must work hard – an internal reason that will drive them to perform
  • The program will align participants’ targets and goals with organization targets and goals

The trainer uses the 35%-expert-input-/-65%-audience-participation formula in this training program. Audience participation includes individual exercises, group exercises/discussions, peer-teaching activities, case studies, role plays, role modeling, humor, kinesthetic exercises, super-learning inducement/stress release exercises, subconscious-mind conditioning activities, music plus watching and discussing video clips.


Non executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above