Enhancing Business Innovation & Growth Through Design Thinking


Design thinking is a popular new idea in the business world made spectacular by Apple and IDEO. It offers an approach better suited for dealing with the increasing pressures for growth and innovation faced by so many organizations and their managers today than the conventional, traditional business methods.

But design thinking can remain mysterious for business students and managers interested in introducing this approach into their decision-making processes. Demystifying it is the focus of this course.

Though designing as a craft requires years of dedicated education and talent to master, design thinking, as a problem solving approach, does not.

In this program you will follow a model that contains four questions and ten tools.

Design thinking is valuable and powerful when applied to abstract, multi-faceted concerns, issues and problems and can give your next competitive advantage by transforming your corporation through the right balancing act.

It is important to drive the innovation using the four core principles of Innovation and applying the seven modes of Design Innovation Process.

The highly Creative Quotient Leader (CQL) must drive and lead the innovation and growth in your organization.



  • Understand Design thinking as a way forward for the organization’s innovation and growth
  • Transform the company with a competitive advantage
  • Apply the four core principles for successful innovation
  • Apply the seven modes of the process
  • Lead growth in organization

An interactive work based approach with practical applications, projects, cases and exercises.


Executives , Assistant Managers, Managers