The Effective Executive


Excellent organizations are made out of excellent teams of people who strive to maintain the same level of attention, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm throughout the ups and downs of the business world. Such teams believe and truly live the Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’ – the idea that continuous improvement is infinite. Excellent teams are made out of excellent team players that stretch themselves and work for the common goal. They strive to become the best that they can be.

 The Effective Executive equips the executives with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead others effectively, execute work, solve problems, manage projects and deal with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and levels. Participants will learn the art of influencing, creative and innovative thinking, working towards the betterment of the department, self-motivation, adapting to a new organization, team engagement and interpersonal communication.

  • Conduct self-assessments and identify personal preferences in thinking, decisions making and communication to become more effective at work and with people.
  • Develop competencies to manage a project and coordinate efforts with different people and units.
  • Use critical and analytical thinking skills to breakdown problems and identify their root causes before solving them.
  • Use creative thinking skills to develop out of the box, innovative solutions for work place problems.
  • Learn the principles behind running a department, by adopting the skills of making tough decisions, managing information and communication, managing customer needs and expectations, engaging team members, and balancing between work quality and quantity.
  • Understand the role of a leader and follower in creating the right culture and temperature within a team.
  • Understand elements that create unity amongst new and old staff, management and non-management and between employees of different generations.
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Learn the art of leadership through communication
  • Motivate others to perform better
  • Manage teams more effectively
  • Develop excellent creative problem solving skills and understanding body language



Simple and easy to understand method of delivery, practical application and produce immediate results. Group discussion, role play, case study, self-analysis, experiential learning, presentation and lecture.