You Are Management Now: New Manager Development Programme


Every team reflects its leader, yet many are oblivious to the fact that a leader’s credibility and his right to be followed are based on his life as much as his lip. Good leadership empowers people by providing the resources they need to get the job done, but the goal is in teaching them to be resourceful themselves. The need for leadership within teams is greater today than any time in history. Organizations are already moving into empowering teams to execute decisions and to stand accountable for it. The skill of managing and steering teams is crucial if the organization is to be effective overall.

You Are Management Now is all about developing new managers to embrace the role and responsibilities of a leader. The program will cover the application of various attributes of effective leadership, team motivation and empowerment, decision making business acumen, people management, delegation, execution, interpersonal skills, process improvement and presenting business ideas

It begins with understanding the basic model of communication in a human mind and then learning the communication style of a person that can actually help one clearly to help predict their states and actions. In creating a powerful influence, it is significant to build strong rapport.

This workshop will offer participants a step by step guide on communication which involves changing the way we speak on a day to day basis to sound empowering, executing powerful discussions and handling objections. There are numerous strategies that one can use to cultivate these characteristics which will be emphasized in this highly interactive workshop.


  • To equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to become effective managers.
  • To learn how to adopt the right leader attitude and management style in building and driving teams.
  • To define their roles as team leaders and create respect amongst subordinates and peers by walking the talk.
  • To be able to communicate with all levels of personnel with confidence and professionalism.
  • To use guiding principles when performing tasks, delegating duties and empowering staff.
  • To create the right work climate by using the right interpersonal skills and motivation techniques to get the best out of staff.
  • To understand the MACRO view of running a business unit and the mechanics that supports a business entity.
  • To manage a team of people through the entire process of planning and executing projects within a tight time limit and with limited resources.
  • To learn how to engage with different types of team members when giving feedback.
  • To learn the right way to give positive and negative feedback.
  • To learn the correct method to coach team members for better performance.
  • To learn critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • The program involves short interactive lectures coupled with a series of indoor activities, assessments, management simulations and group discussions and pre and post program assignments and projects.

Executives, Assistant Manager