Effective Strategies To Manage Conflicts & Drive Collaboration


Conflicts are part and parcel of organisational dynamics.  While organisational conflicts are to be expected but if they are not managed properly, they can quickly escalate into chaos and can plunge a team into being highly dysfunctional.  Those involved in these challenging work environments need to be equipped with practical skills to identify sources of conflict, prevent them from escalating and have the courage and wisdom to negotiate for win-win collaborative outcomes in order to ensure that business goals are met.


  • To discover the root causes and the nature of organisational conflicts and the importance of addressing them effectively.
  • To learn different conflict response styles and how to drive collaboration to ensure win-win outcomes.
  • To develop effective interpersonal skills in order to build strong rapport towards conflict resolution.
  • To appreciate diversity in people and how to effectively work together to achieve corporate goals.
  • To effectively manage emotions in order to create and sustain a positive environment to resolve conflicts.

Action-learning activities, videos, case studies, group discussions, role-plays and teaching sessions


Managers, Senior Managers