Effective Negotiation Strategies & Skills


There is an art to negotiating effectively, and this is a balance between process and skill.

This program is designed to assist you in becoming a better negotiator. It takes you through the processes and focuses on the key skills required to negotiate effectively. It is highly interactive, practical and supportive. We use a variety of different learning approaches to explore the issues raised when negotiating, enabling you to work more effectively.

This 2-days program will incorporate the use of Neuro Action Learning to develop the skills to negotiate better by having an understanding of the psychology of people and their communication model AND exactly what words to say to engage the other person’s subconscious decision making part of the brain.

The following fundamental NLP skills will be acquired in this program:

  • Figuring Out People – the ability to understand different aspects of behaviours within us and others and be flexible to get along with anybody at any time
  • Building Rapport – the ability to build sense of trust and engage comfortably with someone no matter how different they are to you.

Power Persuasion – the ability to influence others who evaluates the communication of the message fits his or her own position


  • Learning key negotiation principles to effectively influence positive outcomes
  • Developing ability to remove emotion from sensitive negotiations and motivate the other party towards a win-win outcome
  • Learning to plan and pre-empt the recipient’s response when delivering sensitive messages
  • Learning to successfully negotiate with difficult people in conflict environments

Teaching with practical hands on approach such as role plays, case studies, simulation, presentation, videos and commentary on other companies and industries.


Executives. Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers