Psychology Of Influencing & Negotiation Using NLP Programme


Communicate Well, Negotiations Excel!

Impactful inter-personal communications are vital skills for all professionals in any industry especially when it comes to negotiation. Communicating to another person requires an understanding of one’s personality and the personality of the other person. Also, by using the power of physical projection based on the rules of body language, one can influence the other person to have a positive impression of him / her. Moreover, this workshop also covers the effects of power posturing in verbal communication and the inner qualities for interpersonal interaction based on the principles of personal and professional integrity especially in a negotiation.


  • Using Personality and NLP Tactics for Better Influence and Negotiation Strategies.This workshop seeks to inculcate into each participant through interactive learning, games, role-playing and experiential management games the importance of interpersonal interaction. Throughout the sessions, participants will learn the core aspects of what how to understand self and others better through understanding personality and what makes a successful communicator and negotiator. At the end of the workshop, participants shall hold in their hands specific skills, concepts and experiences that can propel themselves and the company toward greater professionalism and results.

Participants will learn by experiential experience. A mixture of theory and well as practical applications will be presented for maximum absorption throughout the session. Participants will be guided to make personal reflections and participate in group discussions. The programme will also include a personality profiling where participant would be able to use the skills to better understand themselves and the people they would like to build a better rapport with.

This Workshop Radically Shifts your MINDSET and unlocks the secrets to better understanding yourself and others. You will also be empowered with Powerful Strategies and Proven Techniques that can be applied in your professional and personal life and can be used the very next day!


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers