Creative Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking Skills


This program is designed as an interactive, experiential course for employees seeking skills in analytical and creative thinking and problem-solving. Through a combination of innovative and rational thinking exercises, of personality typing, critical problem analysis and strategic thinking processes, participants will increase their speed and effectiveness in resolving real life work issues in a balanced and flexible manner.


  • Explore the Analytical Thinking Process
  • Identify the barriers to effective Creative Thinking
  • Analyze problems and use creative thinking methodologies to solve them
  • Involve employees in making decisions by expanding their thinking
  • Explore problem systematically by searching for root causes
  • Methodically generate ideas and use techniques to organise problems into meaningful logical categories
  • Use a number of established problem solving techniques to search for solutions by maximising creativity
  • Plan to implement your solution by scheduling, analysing critical parts of the plan, managing resources and carrying out analysis

Practical and participative

Multi-media presentation to introduce the topics and underpin the key messages

Interactive discussions – thoughts, ideas and experiences

Practical thinking challenges

Individual and small group brainstorming sessions

Tools and Techniques include:

  • Brainstorming
  • SWOT & PEST analysis
  • Random stimulation techniques
  • Fishbone, how-how and why-why techniques

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers