Sales Influencing & Negotiation Skills


The 21st century provides unprecedented opportunities and keen competition. So, the questions are whether one need to compete or to collaborate?  This program combines two interrelated skills, influencing and negotiating. These two skills go hand in hand in today’s business world. The ability to influence people with agreement and collaboration will greatly assist in negotiations.

  • Understand the power of influencing and persuasion
  • Identify and apply effective persuasion techniques and principles
  • Understand what negotiation is and the types of negotiations that individuals use for specific outcomes
  • Understand the primary principles of negotiation and ways that others influence us
  • Understand the benefits of a good negotiation skills while taking the interests of both parties into consideration
  • Ask questions and analyse others’ point of view to build trust and good relationship during negotiation
  • Develop a win-win approach while making and containing concessions
  • Identify and demonstrate understanding of common negotiation tactics and how to recognize their use
  • Higher Sales People Motivation & Engagement
  • Improved Customer Service Skills
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Rise in Profit
  • Triggering Self-awareness for Sales People
  • Powerful communication methods
  • Having tools to assist in getting messages across
  • Boost Sales People’s proficiency and confidence in communicating

Interactive lectures, pair-up discussions, collective group sharing, role-plays and interactive exercises.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers