Channel Sales Management


Over the years, you might notice that in order to reach out successfully to your target market, you need a strong network of distributors or dealers. The real “CRUNCH” of success and failure comes when your sales force implements the sales plan – to the new age dealers. If you are seeking answers for the following questions, then this program is for you

What are the strategies to effectively manage dealers who promote your products and services? 

Over the past year, do your dealers have been successfully generating high sales volume given the competition and economic growth in your market?

Compared to competing dealers in the territory, do they achieve a high level of market penetration for your products? 

Do your dealers have the right employee with the necessary skill to run a successful business for you?

Do you frequently receive complaints from customers regarding dealers’ service level?

Is your own sales staff competent to address the above issues?

This program will help provide you and your staff manage distributor and channel business with an array of business skills needed to grow your business.

This training aims to enhance the company’s competitive edge through a well-trained sales, marketing, business development or service personnel by having them focus on getting results and updating and developing the key skills needed in effective new-age dealer management.


    • Update of latest market changes and their impact on dealer management
    • Develop a wider range of selling/sales management skills to obtain better sales results
    • Use the right parameters to calculate and track sales performance
    • Learn how to focus on getting sales results in an ever-changing environment
    • Use appropriate tools for developing strategies to exploit opportunities in the field
    • Gain broader perspectives, be motivated and have better confidence

Designed to be trained with a pencil and paper methodology and combined with game technology, exercises, quiz, assessments, case studies, role-play, presentations & group work.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers