How To Increase Sales Conversion: Creating Value & Selling On Customer Experience


Times are tough. Companies are cutting back, people are tightening their belts, and many decision-makers are holding off on major purchases. However, your company has not reduced your sales quotas.

Price discounts are marketing vehicles that can be used to improved sales. However, if your sales people believe price is the only factor in sales and price discount is the only sales strategy to win a deal, then your business will fall into ‘red ocean’. This selling behaviour will lead your business to lower business profits and subsequently you are conditioning your customers to expect everyday low price from your company.

Selling in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during a robust one. Therefore, sales staff needs to equip themselves with different skills when selling in difficult economy. How to sell on value over price is vital to differentiate your business from competition to actively compete and keep your sales afloat.


  • To change sales people mindset from ‘Sell on Price’ to ‘Sell On Value’
  • To learn how to use value selling to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • To learn to communicate effectively with different personality of customers
  • To learn how to use NLP communication skills to influence customers and enhance their customer experience
  • To understand the importance of Pre-Call Planning in increasing the productivity of your sales meeting with customer
  • Using Advanced Questioning Skills to create customer’s needs and growing customer’s pain
  • How to handle different type of sales objections and turn the objections into sales opportunity
  • To increase sales conversion rate
  • High impact short lectures
  • Lively activities
  • Group discussion & brainstorming
  • Instant feedback from the facilitator
  • Role Play

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers