Developing Growth Mindset – Supervisors


A growth mindset is an attitude and belief that people have the ability to develop their talents, abilities, intelligence, and emotional intelligence. It basically means that you believe success comes from the consistent effort of working through challenges. Leaders with a growth mindset tend to focus more on the process rather than just the outcome.

The main benefit of having, or building, a growth mindset is the motivation it provides to learn new things and to invest in continuously developing ourselves—both personally and professionally. In the constantly changing and evolving world in which we live and work, a commitment to learning new skills and capabilities is a key driver of success—and of continued relevance.


  • Enhance positive attitude through positive minds and internal power
  • Enhance self-management through self-motivation and self-leadership
  • Enhance self-empowerment to make the changes from within through self-awareness
  • Improve performance towards excellence by embracing change
  • Improve rapport with clients, superiors and colleagues through EQ
  • Understand that developing excellent work culture in an organization is the responsibility of all
  • Visual 35 %
    • Power Point Slides
    • Note Printouts

    Auditory 15 %

    • Video Clips
    • Activity Observation

    Kinaesthetic 50 %

    • Role-play
    • Indoor & Outdoor Activities