Developing Self Potential To Boost Management Skills


Today’s supervisors and managers must both manage and lead- thus can no longer rely only on positions of authority to achieve results through others. Faced with new market-driven challenges of customer lead agendas and competitive business environments, the task of leading teams becomes ever fraught with difficulty.

The changing business landscape with social media interactions makes it a slippery slope for many talented management executives to be true to their calling. It becomes challenging for him or her to delegate, coach, mentor, inspire, empower and motivate a workforce that is increasingly becoming younger and more diverse.

During this two day intensive, managers will be presented with developing new ideas to address common problems and be provided with tools to help educate others in the organization.


  • Discover Self Potential and the amazing power of group results
  • Learn the power of OWN IT, FIX IT, SOLVE IT
  • Adopt skills and techniques to manage your people for accountability and results
  • Learn to delegate effectively and empower sensibly
  • Identify the benefits of self-motivation on a daily basis
  • Be a catalyst to creating a high-performance culture and be a role model in self-propelling your team to do more without being asked
  • Better team communication with effective coaching skills


  • Quick teach sessions
  • Fun activities – large group and small group activities
  • Feedback arcs
  • Video learning
  • Individual and team breakout sessions for brainstorming and ideas generation.
  • Self-reflection interventions to determine corrective action for improvement