Bridging The Divide: Team Building Programme


Bridging The Divide is a unique customized team development program, that is highly engaging and interactive with the main intent of building a stronger team, build relationship and bond. The program is also design to bring out teams innovation and creativity that will enhance teamwork and camaraderie’s.

Program is experiential in nature and is design to create lasting memory that will get participants talking about their fun experience and learning for a very long time. The activity is designed as a combination of outdoor and indoor team initiative that creates numerous learning opportunities for everyone in the team.


    • Work closely together as a strong and united team
    • Experience fun and build stronger relationship as individuals and team
    • Enhance creativity and innovation in producing results for the organization
    • Understand the importance of clear communication in team
    • Understand the importance of win-win as a company, not as divisions
    • Understand the importance of growth and collaboration with the new management team
    • Understand the concept of “If its to be its up to me” in team
  • Program is highly experiential where participants will be involved in numerous activity
  • Emphasis on quality execution in activity T-Up and debrief that is relevant to program objectives.

Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers