Dynamic Team Building Towards Excellence


Excellent teams are made up of people who strive to maintain the same level of attention, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm they first experienced during the inception of the team. Excellent teams must think about how their outputs impact other teams, customers and the entire organization. They strive to become the best that they can be.

Dynamic Team Building is all about developing team members who are flexible and adaptable to change in their pursuit of excellence. Participants will go through several simulations and activities that will strengthen relationships between business units, create harmony and unity, highlight the importance of quality work, effective communication and most importantly heighten their spirit of camaraderie.

The Dynamic Team Building towards Excellence Program is specially designed using the above concept to build a high-performance team. A high-performance team that can really perform, because within it, is ingrained three specific characteristics as below:

  • High performance teams always consist of individuals who are empowered to recognize their true potentials, which they continually strive to fulfill. They have beliefs and values that enable and seemingly to be consistently compelling them forward towards a vision of a burning goal.
  • Team performance always begins from the individual. Enable the individual and the team will be enabled, disable the individual and the team will be disabled.
  • High performance teams will have achieved their ultimate power when people begin to work together. The synergies use of talents, resources and skills always result in the upsurge of a completely new force in the team.
  • Synergy is not cognitive. Synergy is always the consequence of bonding, and bonding is always emotional-psychological. Hence the reason why cognitive understanding of teamwork seldom results in synergy.  Efforts have therefore to be geared towards bonding.

Members of high-performance teams always share a common vision, and all their actions and decisions are therefore dictated by the urge to actualize the common vision.  It is that vision that creates the team culture.  It is also the vision that provides the drive for compliance towards the team culture – hence creating unity and team works


    • Building trust, mutual support and self confidence
    • Being proactive and adaptability to change
    • Taking ownership in everything we do
    • Accountability and responsibility
    • Clear, effective and precise communication
    • Team motivation and the ability to work under stress.
    • Willingness to take challenges and calculated risks.
    • Group presentations
    • Indoor Activities
    • Outdoor teambuilding
    • Learning Interventions
    • De-briefing

Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers