Team Enhancement


Excellent teams are made up of people who strive to maintain the same level of attention, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm they first experienced during the inception of the team. Such teams believe and truly live the Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’ – the idea that continuous improvement is infinite. Excellent teams must think about how their outputs impact other teams, customers and the entire organization. They strive to become the best that they can be.

Team Enhancement is all about developing team members who are flexible and adaptable to change in their pursuit of excellence. Participants will go through several simulations and activities that will strengthen relationships between business units, create harmony and unity, highlight the importance of quality work, effective communication and most importantly heighten their spirit of camaraderie.


    • To understand the nature of change and how to embrace it effectively
    • Learn and understand the importance of managing multiple tasks effectively
    • To understand the importance of collaboration when working with different teams
    • To understand how to synergize effort towards a common goal.
    • To see and re-examine themselves and know how to adopt the right mindset & attitude in performing teams.
    • To reassess and realign themselves by walking the talk despite different backgrounds, mindsets and expectations.
    • To understand and re-examine their role and practices at different points of the team development phase in order to consistently move towards building a performing team.
    • To use emotional intelligence strategies when dealing with various team member issues and concerns.
    • To reconnect with their purpose within the organization and recognize the value in the role they play themselves.

The program involves short interactive lectures coupled with a series of facilitated sharing sessions, assessments, management simulations, role-plays and group discussions.


Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers