Effective Time Management: Planning & Organizing Skills


It is an unavoidable fact that, at various stages in our lives, we will find ourselves in the stressful situation of having too much to do in too little time. The one thing which tends to happen when we have work overload is that we neglect to manage our time properly.  Real life takes over and we no longer ‘have time’ to manage our time!  Yet it is at times like this that excellent time management, punctuality & multi-tasking skills are needed the most.

Multi-tasking are crucial elements required by everyone in their business and personal life. Having said that, great care and emphasis needs to be placed on selecting the right tasks to multitask. One needs to be aware that some tasks require complete and utmost concentration. Without planning your time and prioritising what is important to you, it is impossible to identify which activities that are most productive and which activities can be multitasked. Where we are not focused on the elements that make us effective, we can begin to waste time and energy on the myriad of mundane tasks that tend to appear and this can lead to stress and anxiety. This is where the multi-tasking skills come in handy: to complete routine tasks during our down time in the most efficient manner possible.

It is really important to understand where you are spending most of your time and if you acknowledge that time is being wasted or you are spending time on less productive things, think of methods to overcome this. Prioritising your tasks in accordance with the techniques discussed in this training is the first step in planning your time. This training course will provide you with an awareness of the areas that you can improve in your day to day planning, as well as giving you some tips on practical multitasking strategies for dealing with popular time management issues.


  • Value the basic concepts of time
  • Identify tasks that can be multitasked
  • Categorise themselves either as a monochronic or polychronic
  • Determine the best ways to rearrange their priority list based on the way they currently manage time and realise multitask to use time efficiently
  • Apply the Urgent & Important Matrix at work to analyse tasks that can be managed more efficiently
  • Understand Pareto principle
  • Set practical goals that help achieve work-life balance
  • Create powerful goals through one of the most life-changing exercises conducted in a training
  • Execute a simple 15-minute ritual to their daily routines that can ensure they do not ever ‘forget’ to do something again
  • Realise their current challenges at managing time and practical tips to overcome them
  • Enveloping time mastery in personal leadership
  • Open Talk Session
  • Stand-Up Discussions
  • Pre & Post Training Tests
  • Group Brainstorming Activities
  • Energisers
  • Individual Quiz
  • Role Plays
  • Demonstration Session
  • Real Life Activity for Day to Day Work
  • Videos: Best Practices

Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers