Employee Multitasking & Time Management


Many organizations require their workers to adopt more than one duty within a job role. A surgeon in a medical development centre is expected to both treat patients and to engage in explorative Research & Development (R&D). With increasing budget cuts across many countries, it is anticipated that multitasking in the workplace will increase. Employees rarely have the luxury of focusing on one task at a time in today’s work world. Most jobs require employees to balance competing demands for their time and energy, and employers expect them to be able to handle multiple priorities.

Talking about multitasking, an important characteristic to it is managing time effectively. Everyone starts with the same number of hours – so why do some people seem to get so much more done? An inability to manage time efficiently can leave anyone feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unproductive.

This workshop offers practical techniques that can be used immediately to gain control of both aspects. Participants will learn how to plan and prioritize task more effectively while managing interruptions and distractions.


  • Know the benefits of multitasking in your job
  • Apply the solutions to multitasking in your job
  • Identify typical time-wasters and create solutions to overcome them
  • Set goals and objectives to get things done
  • Plan the workday accordingly to accomplish the most crucial matters
  • Utilize technology to tackle important tasks and manage time
  • Cut down on time-wasters and find more ways to spend time wisely
  • Reorder activities to increase your productivity
  • Open Talk Session
  • Stand-Up Discussions
  • Group Brainstorming Activities
  • Experiential Learning Activities
  • Energizers & Games
  • Motivational Videos
  • Music & Songs
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Sharing of Life Experiences

Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers